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Botanical Name
Syzygium aromaticum


Commercial Part
Unopened flower bud



The clove of commerce is the air-dried unopened flower bud obtained from evergreen medium sized tree. The tree grows to a height of 10-12 mtrs and start flowering in about 7 years. It continues to produce flower buds for 80 or more years. It is a valuable spice of the orient. Clove clusters are plucked by hand when the buds are fully developed with a pronounced pink flush and then dried over several days in the sun. Unopened flower buds, leaves and stalks yield essential oil.

Clove taste is imparted by the chemical eugenol. Clove is usually paired with vanilla, red wine, cinnamon, onion, citrus peel, peppercorns etc. This organic spice is also used as an anti-repellent.

Origin and Distribution

The plant is indigenous to North Molucca Islands of Indonesia. It is also grown in Zanzibar, Madagascar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India. The tree prefers well drained rich soil with sufficient soil moisture throughout the year. High atmospheric temperature (25 to 35 degree C) with heavy sun light, good and well-distributed rainfall (above 150 cm) and high humidity (above 70%) are preferred.

The first evidence of cloves dates back to 1721 BC where the cloves were found by the Archeologist in a ceramic vessel in Syria. This organic spice was traded by sailors and merchants during the middle ages in the Indian Ocean trade. Cloves are used in many cuisines of countries like Asia, Africa and the Middle Eastern countries. Cloves are said to be the flower buds of the tree in the family Myrtaceae. It is used to give flavor to meats and curries. It is said to have a very nice aroma. It is also used to give flavor to fruits such as apples, rhubarb and pears. It is also used to give flavor and aroma to hot beverages which is combined with other ingredients.


The use of clove in whole or ground form is mainly for culinary purposes and as a flavouring agent in food industry. Its flavour blends well with both sweet and savory dishes. It is highly valued in medicine as carminative, aromatic and stimulant. In Indonesia, the lion share of production is consumed in production of 'kretek' cigarettes. The antiseptic and antibiotic properties of clove oil are used in medicine especially in dentistry, oral and pharyngeal treatments. It has wider applications in preparations of toothpaste and mouthwashes, soaps and perfumes. It is also reported to help diabetics in sugar assimilations.

Cloves in India is said to be an Ayurvedic medicine and is also used in dentistry where the oil of clove is used as a pain killer for dental emergencies. It is commonly used to freshen the breath. It is also used in Chinese medicine and western herbs. Cloves in India are used in many curries, dishes and delicacies; it adds a strong flavor and aroma to the dish.

Indian Name of Spices

  • Hindi : Laung, लौंग
  • Bengali : Lawang
  • Gujarati : Lavang
  • Kannada : Lavanga
  • Malayalam : Grambu
  • Marathi : Luvang
  • Oriya : Labang
  • Punjabi : Laung
  • Sanskrit : Lavanga
  • Tamil : Graambu, Krambu, Karambu, Kirambu,Lavangam, கராம்பு, கிராம்பு
  • Telugu : Lavangalu
  • Urdu : Laung
  • Foreign Name of Spices

  • Arabic : Kabsh ,Qarunfil, كبش قرنفل
  • Chinese(Mandarin): 丁香 ,[dīng xiāng]Ding xiang, Ting hsiang
  • French : Clou de girofle
  • Indonesian : Céngké, Cengkih
  • German : Nelke, Gewürznelke
  • Farsi : میخک ,Mikhak
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