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Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Botanical Name
Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. & Coss.


Commercial Part



Mustard seeds are of mustard plant and is said to be yellowish white to black. It is said to be the member of Brassica family of plants. In many regional foods, it is said to be the most important spice. The mustard seeds aren't flavored until they are cracked and then mixed with liquid to prepare mustard. The spice is used in Pakistani, Nepal, Northern Indian and Bangladesh. The seeds are roasted until it pops. Mustard oil is used for body massage, which is assumed to keep the body warm. The mustard seeds are said to be rich in oil and protein. Mustard oil is used for tempering in many Indian dishes. Mustard seeds are highly produced in India, Canada, Pakistan, Nepal and United States. Mustard seeds are highly used as a culinary oil seeds. Mustard are said to be winter crop. There are three types of mustard seeds:
  1. White mustard: They are said to be light straw-yellow colored and is said to be larger than other two varieties.
  2. Black mustard: These seeds are commonly grown in South Asia and is said to be sharp and pungent than other two varieties.
  3. Brown mustard: This seed is said to be native of the sub-Himalayan plains of Northern India
The seeds are extensively used in Mediterranean and German cooking. The seeds, powdered form, prepared pastes, sauces and oils are used in kitchen. The aroma and pungent flavor of mustard comes from the essential oil sinalbin. Brown and white mustards are used for pickling with raw mango etc. Mustard paste is used in salad dressing and the oil is used in many Northern Indian and Pakistani dishes.

Origin and Distribution

The yellow/white mustard is indigenous to Southern Europe, whereas brown mustard is from China introduced to Northern India. The black mustard is endemic in the Southern Mediterranean region. The white mustard is widely cultivated in Australia, China, Chili, Denmark, Italy, Japan, The UK, The Netherlands, North Africa, Canada and USA. Mustard prefers loamy or clayey loam soil. It is grown as rabbi crop in North India. It is raised during rainy season from July to November in South India.


The major processed products are mustard powder used in the manufacture of mayonnaise, dried or dehydrated mustard leaves, whole mustard seeds etc. Whole mustard is used as a flavouring agent in Indian cooking, whereas ground mustard provides flavour and consistency in Bengali fish curries. Mustard flour has preservative and antioxidant properties in addition to providing flavour and colour.

Indian Name of Spices

  • Hindi : Rai, Banarasi rai, Kalee sarson
  • Gujarati : Rai
  • Kannada : Sasave
  • Kashmiri : Aasur, Sorisa
  • Malayalam : Kaduku
  • Punjabi : Rai, Banarasi rai, Kalee sarson
  • Sanskrit : Asuri, Bimbata
  • Tamil : Kadugo
  • Telugu : Avalu
  • Urdu : Rai, Banarasi rai, Kalee sarson
  • Foreign Name of Spices

  • Spanish : Mostaza
  • French : Moutarde
  • German : Senfsaat
  • Swedish : Senap
  • Arabic : Khardal
  • Dutch : Mosterd
  • Italian : Senape
  • Portuguese : Mostarda
  • Russian : Gorchitsa
  • Japanese : Shiro Karashi
  • Chinese : Chie
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