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Indo 5 Red Chilli

Indo 5  Red Chilli

Indo 5 Red Chilli

Botanical Name
Capsicum annum L., Capsicum frutescens L.


Commercial Part
Green as well as ripe and dried pod (fruit)



Indo 5 Red Chilli-Indo American Chilli are popular over the globe due to its unique feature of long size, thick skin and low heat value. Indo 5 Red Chilli is widely used for making Red chilli powder because the yield of the powder is very high and the colour is bright Red which attract the consumers at first sight makes the food more tasty and it is widely used in the Indian and continental foods..and exported to Singapore,Malaysia,srilanka,United arab emirates ( UAE ),kenya,United kingdom(U.K),Australia and United states of america (USA).

Origin and Distribution

Indo 5 Chilli is one of the most famous varieties of Red Chilly in India. It is majorly grown in the fertile lands of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. The skin of Indo 5 is very thick as compared to other varieties of Indian Chillies and due to an additional feature of having a high heat values it is considered to be most ideal for making Crushed chilli (chilli flakes) which is majorly consumed with pizzas and burgers worldwide. Indo 5 Chilli is also known as Indem- 5 Chilli, US- 5 and Endo 5 Chillies also. The average annual output of Indo 5 Chilli is 20000 MT . The harvesting season is January to May every year. As per the data's analysis 90% of Indo 5 Chillies are being exported from India to various reputed countries of World.


Indo 5 Dry chilly is extensively used as spice in curried dishes. It is also used as an ingredient in curry powder and in seasonings. Indo 5 Red Hot Chilli is used in making hot sauces as pepper sauce and Tabsco sauce.
It can use for as following
  • Red Chilies powder
  • Chilly oil
  • Chilli Capsicum

  • Health benefits of Indo 5 Chilli:

    As a medicine Indo 5 Chillies are used as an counter irritant in Lumbago, Neuralgia, and Rheumatic disorders. Capsicum has a tonic and carminative action. Taken inordinately it may cause gastro-enteritis. The enzyme isolated from Indo 5 Red chilly is used in the treatment of certain type of cancers. Oleoresin capsicum is used in pain balms and vaporubs. Dehydrated green Indo 5 chilly is a good source of vitamin 'c' .

    Quality control:

    To make sure that our all the products are 100% defect free and it should be highly aromatic & fresh we have our own in-house quality check unit. Here, each and every product is properly tested before the final delivery. In fact, the selection of raw materials is also done under the supervision of qualified professionals having vast experience of the same field.


  • Indo 5 Chilli with stem
  • Stemless Indo 5 Chilli
  • Crushed Indo 5 Chilli flakes
  • Dried red Indo 5 Chilli pepper powder
  • Indian Name of Spices

  • Hindi : Lal mirch
  • Bengali : Lanka, Lankamorich
  • Gujarati : Marcha
  • Kannada : Mensina kai
  • Malayalam : Mulaku
  • Marathi : Mirchi
  • Oriya : Lanka
  • Punjabi : Lalmirch
  • Tamil : Milagay
  • Telugu : Mirapa kaya
  • Urdu : Lalmirch
  • Foreign Name of Spices

  • Spanish : Pimenton
  • French : Puvre de Guinee
  • German : Paprika
  • Arabic : Filfil Ahmar
  • Dutch : Spaanse Peper
  • Italian : Peperone
  • Portuguese : Pimento
  • Russian : Struchkovy pyeret
  • Japanese : Togarashi
  • Chinese : Hesiung Yali chiao
  • British : Chillies(Hot) Pepper(Sweet)
  • Why Us

    We supply you with the best quality Red Chilli at reasonable prices. we are really flexible when it comes to your customized requirement. We can supply you with the Best, Medium-Best, Medium or any other quality Red Chilli contingent upon your budget We also Offer select Red Chillies for the woldwide Markets. Regarding your prerequisite we can supply stemless chillies of Red Chilli variety with customized product packing. We have a specialized team waiting to serve you with the best we could offer. Please contact us through online talk box or order for quotation and we will revert to you with a prompt response.

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    Product Specifications

  • Product Name: Indo 5 Red Chilli
  • Type: Available with stem & without stem
  • Moisture: Below 12%
  • Length: 9 to 10 Cm (without stem)
  • Pungency (Heat): 40000 SHU to 500000 SHU
  • Color: 60 ASTA - 80 ASTA
  • Capsaicin Content: 0.226%
  • Physical: Indo 5 Red Chilli, more seeds content, light red
  • Borken with Stem: 3% Maximum
  • Broken without Stem: 3% Maximum
  • Discolor with Stem: 4% Maximum
  • Discolor without Stem: 4% Maximum
  • Skin: Thin
  • Shelf Life: Long
  • Terms

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Bags
  • Packing: New Jute Gunny Bags
  • Packing Weight: 25.00 Kg or as per buyer's requirement
  • Delivery Terms: FOB,CIF
  • Delivery Time: Prompt Delivery
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C or Advance